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Shipped by FedEX


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is SkyShip?

    SkyShip is a package-forwarding service that provides you with a USA Sales Tax- Free Address and ships your packages to Lebanon at the lowest market flat rate of $16/kg.

  • What are the shipping rates to Lebanon?

    We charge a flat rate of $16/kg. Please note we charge packages in increments of 500 grams (for example if your package weighs 1.3kg you will be charged for 1.5kg). 
    The final invoice when the package is delivered to your door will include: Shipping Rate per/kg + Customs, VAT & Clearance fees (see below).

  • What are the Customs, VAT & Clearance fees?

    Lebanese Customs, VAT & Stamp fees are calculated as a percentage of the value of your goods (10% Customs + 13.5% VAT = 23.5% total). To date the official rate is $1 = 89,000 LBP. We charge a flat rate Clearance Fee of 300,000 LBP per package.
    For example: if your package costs $100, its value will be calculated as 8,900,000 LBP. Customs, VAT & Stamp fees will be calculated at 23.5% of that value or 2,091,500 LBP + Clearance fees 300,000 LBP. Therefore total customs and clearance fees would be 2,391,500 LBP.

  • What is the shipping rate if my package weighs 300 grams?

    We charge in increments of 500 grams. For example if your package weighs 1.3kg you will be charged for 1.5kg. If your package weighs 1.8kg you will be charged for 2kg.

  • Will I pay US sales tax with a SkyShip address?

    No, you will never pay US sales tax with your SkyShip address.

  • Can I know in advance how much my package will cost with shipping and Customs?

    We do not provide shipping or customs quotations in advance however you can generate a best estimate with the reply the question above "What are the Customs, VAT & Clearance fees?".

  • How do I pay for the Shipping Fees and Customs & VAT?

    Cash on delivery when your package is delivered to your door.

  • Do you charge based on the weight or dimensions (volume) of the package?

    We charge based on the real weight of your package up to 182 cm (Length+Width+Height). If your package has dimensions larger than 182 cm, then you will be charged by volumetric or real weight (whichever is higher). Please refer to this link to calculate the volumetric weight of your package.

  • Do you consolidate packages?

    Yes, we auto-consolidate your packages if they arrive within 2-3 days of each other as we ship out multiple times a week. We do NOT consolidate packages based on customer requests.

  • When will I be notified that my package arrived to my SkyShip address?

    It takes up to 2 business days for us to register your package at your SkyShip address and then you will receive a tracking email to confirm that it has arrived. If your package does not appear in your SkyShip address within 2 business days from its delivery, contact us by email at .moc.asupihsyks%40troppus

  • How can I track my package?

    You will receive one tracking email once your package has arrived and has been registered at your SkyShip address in USA. You will receive the second tracking email once your package has arrived in Lebanon and is ready for delivery. 

  • What is the transit time from USA to Lebanon?

    On average transit time is up to 10 business days once your package has shipped out from your SkyShip address in USA.

  • What if the website does not ship to my SkyShip address?

    Some stores do not ship to freight forwarders. In this case you can use our sister company Eve Concierge, they will buy, ship & deliver the items for you to Lebanon. You can contact customer service on WhatsApp 71 000 971 and they will assist you with a delivery quotation.

  • Do you ship & deliver supplements?

    Yes, we deliver supplements to your doorstep. Please note supplements require entry permission from the Lebanese Ministry of Health (which we obtain on your behalf). There are extra clearing charges on supplements depending on the quantity. 

  • What happens if my package gets damaged in transit?

    Your packages are fully insured. You will receive a full/partial refund depending on the condition of the damage. 
    Please note: - We do not insure used items- Also, if your package was damaged during transit from the seller to your SkyShip address, we are not responsible. You will need to contact the merchant and file a damage claim.

  • What happens if I ship an item to SkyShip that cannot be exported to Lebanon?

    Usually we are able to reship the package back to the seller for a fee so you can get a refund. We deal with such issue on a case by case basis. Please contact customer service for such issues at .moc.asupihsyks%40troppus

  • Can I return an item to the seller from SkyShip’s warehouse in USA?

    Yes, you can if the seller provides you with a return shipping label. We will charge a $5 fee depending on the item. Please send us an email with more details to .moc.asupihsyks%40troppus

  • Do you ship HAZMAT (Dangerous) Goods? What are the Banned Items I cannot ship to Lebanon?

    No, we do not ship HAZMAT (dangerous) goods.
    This includes:- Liquids containing Alcohol (Cologne, Perfume)- Pressurized Canisters (Hair Spray, Deodorant, Shaving Creams)- Flammable & Combustible Substances- Lithium Ion or Metal Batteries- Cosmetics - Acetone, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover- Household Chemicals (Window/Counter cleaners)- Large or Strong Magnets- Fertilizers- Medical syringes & Equipment- Paint, Dyes- Food stuff
    We also do not ship any banned items.
    This includes:- Any Counterfeit or Pirated Items- Mobile & Satellite Phones- Alcohol & Tobacco- CBD Oil, Hemp Products - Currency, Gems & Precious Metals- Weapons & their accessories: Sharp Tools, Needles, Syringes, Cartridges, Guns & Gun Accessories- Drugs of any kind (including medical prescription drugs)- Lighters with fuel & matches- Fireworks- Live Animals (or parts)- Poisons & Toxic Substances- Chemicals of any kind- Radioactive Materials- Pornographic Materials & Items- High End GPS, Radar & Sonar Devices- High End Communications Devices - Perishable Items: Foodstuff, Beverages - High Powered Lasers and Sensors- Airplane parts and Aviation Equipment- Gambling Materials- E-cigarettes & vaporizers- Drones and their parts- Plants and Plant materials, seeds- Government-issued documents
    If you are unsure if your item is classified under HAZMAT or Banned Items, please confirm with customer service at moc.asupihsyks%40troppus before purchasing your order.

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